Losing someone close to you can be the most difficult time a person can endure in life. While grieving is something that never truly ends until we are once again reunited with our loved ones, there are ways to help comfort the pain and devastation experienced after the death of a friend or a family member. Here are some tried and true ways to give love to those around you that are going through a tremendously difficult time.

Grief Groceries

What are grief groceries? These groceries are purchased with the recipient in mind. Basic ingredients to help make simple meals and to alleviate the stresses of having to get to the hustling market in the middle of a tragedy. Some items to purchase are things that would be perfect to turn into ideal comfort meals. Such as soups, casseroles, canned goods, produce, and desserts. Here is a more detailed list of things to shop for when it comes to grief groceries.

  • coffee
  • pasta kits
  • breakfast cereals
  • water bottles
  • granola bars
  • snack crackers
  • trail mix
  • sandwich supplies
  • ramen noodles
  • ice cream
  • milk
  • sodas
  • frozen meals / pizza
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Other ways to help someone cope with the early stages of grief

It's really important to know what the process of grief can look like and to understand that it varies from person to person as they find their ways to cope. To successfully help someone through a hardship, it could be beneficial to understand them a bit better on the stages and know what any potential signs of emotional turmoil may look like. The links posted below are some great resources on how to help someone through this particular chapter.

Offer to clean house

Often when someone passes away friends and family come in droves to visit and to reminisce over better times. Offering a friend or family member who has lost someone, to help clean up their place might just be the perfect gift. Even if you just tidy up the Livingroom, do a load of dishes, and do a quick freshen-up of their bathroom. It's sure to make them feel cared for and loved and ready to take in any guests stopping by while the memorial and funeral phases.


Help with preparing for the wake after funeral services

Making snack foods to share with the grieving family could be incredibly helpful, and ease some of the workloads of the family that is already having to endure so much. Sometimes even helping place a catering order to avoid meal prep altogether is what is best.

Give a lift

Individuals that are dealing with the news of a loss, especially an unexpected loss, or during the early days could use a ride about town to places. To the funeral home, hospital, or wherever is needed. Those in the throes of loss may be too upset to safely drive themselves to needed locations to take care of things that need to be done.



Sometimes the best gift you can give, on any occasion and during any circumstance is your time. Companionship is something most of us rely on to get us by in difficult times, be them what they may. Lend an ear to listen, be calm and reassuring, and most importantly, just be there. 

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