Brooke Huneycutt is currently fighting for her life and her family is asking for help.


There is nothing tougher than having a family member who is ill, it's even tougher when that family member becomes ill all of a sudden and everything seems overwhelming. Kathy Huneycutt started a GoFundMe to help fund the medical costs for her daughter, Brooke.

Here's the synopsis of the GoFundMe:

Brooke Huneycutt, my daughter, is 30 years old and in critical condition.

She fell ill with Carnevous Pneumonia and Endocarditis and Septic Emboli and was admitted on July 5. She will be hospitalized for a minimum of 3 months. She is in extremely critical condition.

I'm asking for donations to put towards caring for Brooke during this very difficult time.

Obviously this is a very trying time for the Huneycutt family and they are appreciative of any support you can give.

I actually went to middle school with Brooke and it's very sad to here her going through this. While we haven't been in contact in recent years, she was kind to me in middle school when a lot of people weren't. I sincerely hope she pulls through this.

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