There's a new app that everyone is using and it's leading to some nightmarish results.

There are so many different apps that can mess with your facial features. The latest, FaceApp, takes things to a creepy next level by showing you a wide variety of options including what you would look like as an old person, what you'd look like gender-swapped, or what you look like as a baby (even though baby photos exist of most of us).

I decided to try the above options on this photo of me looking exhausted after working almost 11 hours:

Gavin Eddings
Gavin Eddings

I think this is the photo they will use if I ever go missing or commit a crime. Anyway, I put that mug of mine in the FaceApp and made a collage of some of the crazier filters. The original photo is in the bottom right. Without further ado, behold the nightmare-fuel that this app created!

Old Gavin looks horrifying, as does silky smooth baby Gavin. I'm also having very mixed feelings about female Gavin because I kinda want to get them digits... I got some pretty great reactions to some of these photos. One of my favorites is that Old Gavin looks like Matt Damon at the end of Saving Private Ryan.

Also, the hilarious Rachael Goldman told me that I look like Carrie Mulligan (although I can't tell if that is in reference to baby-Gavin or lady-Gavin).

If you've got some time to waste, the FaceApp is a pretty fun way to do it. I'm not responsible for the sleep you will lose though.

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