Does your school, athletic group, or other club need a fundraiser for the summer? The Vanderburgh County Fair can help!

Summer is a time of fun, relaxation, sports, and of course, fundraising. Yes, if you are involved in a sport, after school activity or a club you probably have to participate in fundraisers.

The Vanderburgh County Fair is coming up, the last week of July to be exact, and they are looking for groups who would like to run a booth for a fundraiser! I have actually done this in my day of high school sports. My mom (bless her heart) was the President of the Booster Club and ran the show. I have no idea how she did it but I remember it being so fun and we raised money for our program.

If you are looking to get your club/school/ or group set up to do a fundraiser and work a booth at the fair, contact them today!


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