Pat McAfee takes his talents to Friday Night SmackDown.

Pat McAfee. This man can do it all. He was a successful punter for the Indianapolis Colts. Following his football career, he became an entrepreneur and a very popular podcast host with his hit show, "The Pat McAfee Show". He's gained a lot of fame and popularity on social media as a result of all of his success. Here lately, he's been teasing that he is "up to something" on his show and on social media. Pat even got a hashtag, #PatsUpToSomethin trending on Twitter. Many were speculating what he's up to and today we got that answer.

Pat McAfee will be the newest commentator on WWE's Friday Night SmackDown on Fox beginning tonight, April 16th. You can see his announcement video below:

This isn't Pat's first time being involved with the WWE, he's been a lifelong fan and has joined some of the pre-shows as an analyst quite a few times in the past. Last year, he made his in-ring debut on NXT against former NXT Champion, Adam Cole (BayBay). To be honest, Pat shocked the world with his in-ring ability. He looked like a natural, like he belonged. Pat had a couple of matches in the WWE during that time and he stole the show every time. Following that feud, we haven't seen or heard anything from Pat on WWE TV until today.

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Look, whether you like wrestling or not, this is huge news here in Indiana. Pat made a name for himself here, he does his show here, and even after his retirement from football, he still lives here in Indiana. He's an honorary Hoosier and he's someone that deserves this. On a personal note, I can only imagine how excited Pat is for this. He and I share some common things. He and I are both lifelong fans of the WWE. He chased one of his dreams as a football player and MADE IT to the NFL and even played in a Super Bowl. I chased a dream in a career in music and have been able to do things that I have talked about doing since I was a kid. He wanted to get involved in wrestling, and so did I. We both began to dabble in the world of wrestling, he just had a bigger stage than I did as he was on WWE programming. Now he is on the SmackDown announce team...I can only hope that one day I continue this pattern and get to be involved in WWE in some capacity too. Dreamers got to dream!

Catch Pat McAfee on his SmackDown commentary debut TONIGHT at 7 p.m. CST on Fox!

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