Before you and your furry friend have a new place to hang out, it needs to be completed first.  The cool thing is that you can help move that process along by taking part in Woodmere Dog Park's “Run for the Noses” on May 1st.  This run/walk event is a great way for both you and your dog to get out and spend some quality time together.

Oh, I should also mention that you want to be thinking of some awesome costume ideas.   Because not only is “Rose for the Noses” a run/walk, it is also a costume contest.  The best human-dog duo will win a one-night stay at the French Lick Hotel.  Other prizes will be handed out as well like dinner at Cavanaugh’s or dinner for 2 at Lamasco Bar and Grill.

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If you don’t have a dog but would still like to participate in the event, you can make a $25 donation to the Vanderburgh Humane Society and they will provide a dog for you to walk or run with.  This extra donation will help the Vanderburgh Humane Society find a good home for the dog you end up walking with.  Who knows, that home could possibly be yours by the end of the event.

Another fun tidbit to add here is that our very own Liberty from the MY Morning Show will be a judge for the costume contest.  I can only imagine the costume she would have for her own dog if she was allowed to enter.  Most likely something Captain Marvel-themed.  Anyway, I know she’s looking forward to being a part of the event and seeing your cool costume ideas.

As I said in the beginning, by taking part in the “Run for the Noses” you will be helping build Woodmere Dog Park.  Your entry fee of $25 goes directly to the construction of the park.  If you would like to register and help out the dog park, you can do that right here.

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