There's a drive-thru dinosaur event coming to Indianapolis that may be perfect for a fun day trip.  Jurassic Quest will be operating at the Indiana State Fairgrounds starting April 30th and running through May 9th.

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So what exactly is Jurassic Quest? I went to their website and they say they're North America's largest and most realistic dinosaur event.  Guests usually walk through the event, but this year they will be having a drive-thru event to help ensure social distancing measures are in place.  They say guests will get to see over 70 life-like dinos.  Of course everyone's favorit, the T-Rex will be on display as well! They say the dinosaurs are displayed in realistic scenes where they will be moving, and even roaring. There's also baby dinos too! They say there's an audio tour that accompanies the drive-thru event so you can learn even more about the dinosaurs you're seeing. If you're interested in going, tickets are $49 per vehicle, you can purchase tickets here.

This sounds much safer than Jurassic Park, so I think you'll be totally safe to drive thru this event.  There's just something about dinosaurs that wakes up the little kid inside of all of us.  My nephew just turned 3, and he loves dinosaurs. It's actually pretty cool, because he's much smarter than me with dinosaurs, I pulled up photos of different dinosaurs on my phone, and without missing a beat he was able to name each one off. this is definitely something I'd love to take him to.

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