One of my biggest fears is seeing a plane crash. I'm not afraid of flying, I actually love sitting in the window seat and seeing the sights. This fear began after I kept dreaming about a giant grey aircraft crashing around HWY 41 and the Pigeon Creek bridge. These dreams continued until the C-130 crash in 1992. This giant grey plane basically fell from the sky in the same area I had dreamed about. I know that sounds weird, but it's 100% true.

After 9/11 plane fears basically quadrupled. Airshows terrify me. Seeing those giant planes so close to the ground or neat buildings makes me feel sick to my stomach. Ironically, we live near the airport, but not in a regular flight plan. I could never live around Kansas Rd where the planes prepare to land.

I've joked before that the ocean hates me and tries to toss me out when I get in. I have literally crawled out because the waves kept taking me out. So, this plane crash that happened on Cocoa Beach over the weekend is extra terrifying for me.

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The photos and videos show just how close the plane was to hitting beachgoers, but miraculously no one was hurt. Amber Ditmer captured some amazing photos of the crash as it happened. She was preparing to do a beach photoshoot and happened to be in the right place, at the right time. I would've dropped my camera, and made a run for it!

We went to Cocoa Beach today to take maternity photos for Kristan. We ended up a few miles further south at Table beach due to an Air Show and Cocoa’s public access being crowded. As I was snapping pics of Miya to get my settings correct, a plane was coming in low. I didn’t even move, thinking it’s pilot was just getting close for the show, but awfully ballsy 😂 Until he hit the water! This pilot did an amazing job and literally skipped over the people in the water! No one was hurt! It was a sight to see for sure and something I’ll be able to tell our grandbaby about! So neat, although his misfortune, thankfully everyone was safe!


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