#5 - Less Chance of Baby-Making


This may not be a deterrent for some. Actually, if you have absolutely no desire to have children, this fact may even drive you toward smoking pot. Let's say for argument sake, you do plan on starting a family some day.

While studies are not conclusive on whether or not marijuana heightens or lowers your libido, some users say it enhances the experience, while others say it decreases their desire, what researchers have discovered is that THC, the main ingredient that gives weed its "high" directly affects a man's swimmers once the drug is introduced into the system.

A WebMD report from 2003 on a study conducted by the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences says that marijuana makes a man's "swimmers" super-hyper causing them to prematurely enter into what is called "hyperactivation". Generally, this part of the fertilization process doesn't begin until sperm detect a woman's egg. By starting the process early, the boys are exhausted well before that point and end up dying off.

Think of it like this; You're running a marathon and when the gun sounds, you take off running as fast as you can right out of the gate. After a while, you're body won't be able to keep up with the pace, regardless of what kind of shape you're in, and you sputter out miles before you reach the finish line. Only you're still alive...hopefully.

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