#2 - It like, totally helps sick people...and stuff


Many of the decriminalization laws passed by states center around permitting the use of pot for medical purposes. A study by the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (only in California would such a place exist), showed that patients suffering from "painful HIV peripheral neuropathy" experienced 34%-40% decrease in pain when given the ability to smoke marijuana compared to the 17-20% pain decrease reported by those on a placebo (which in this case was a marijuana cigarette with the THC (the stuff that gives weed its high) removed).

Weed has also been proven to help reduce the cause of glaucoma in eye patients, it's also been shown to help relieve nausea, suppress vomiting, reduce anxiety, and increase appetite in cancer patients. People afflicted with multiple sclerosis even report that a little pot helps calm their muscle spasms.

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