When Mayor Winnecke came to office, he was put in charge of a community who "let ourselves go", to put it somewhat politely, which led him to promoting a healthier lifestyle for Evansville residents at the top of his to-do this through his office's "Energize Evansville" events. The next of which is set for tomorrow, March 16th at Swonder Ice Arena.

The Fitness Fundamentals Round Up runs from 9-11am will help participants learn how to keep exercise in the life by allowing you to workout for free with Swonder's certified personal trainers. If you're like me, you know you need to work out, and you're not opposed to it (although actually doing it may be a bit difficult), you just want to make sure that what you're doing is what needs to be done. How many sets should you do? How many reps per set need to be done in order to make the workout effective without over-doing it? Have all those questions and any others you have answered by stopping by Swonder tomorrow, March 16th.

The event is open to all ages and fitness levels.

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