It's been a great summer for hitting the pools and having some fun while getting some much needed exercise. A fact that has not escaped Mayor Winnecke's office as his monthly Fitness in the Park series has focused on water aerobics as the central theme of the past few events. However, as the summer winds down, so does the opportunity to swim, meaning one last hurrah for series water-based theme before moving forward.

Taking place at Lloyd Indoor Pool on North 1st Avenue in Evansville just past Central High School from 9-11am, the group workout is available for all fitness levels and attendees will have the opportunity to go at their own pace.

Led by trainers from Bob's Gym, the day begins with a 25-minute warm up and intro workout period followed by Aqua Zumba, and "Deep Water Aqua Turbo" before wrapping up with a 25-minute stretching and cool down period.

According to Michael Below, Deputy Director of the Department of Parks & Recreation, Mayor Winnecke has not missed a single Fitness in the Park event, and plans to attend this one as well.

So grab your suit, and go for a dip in the pool while getting a little exercise as the same time.

Fitness in the Park - Lloyd Pool Flyer
(Mayor Lloyd Winnecke's Office)


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