If you work at a computer and get headaches daily, you probably need to try blue light glasses too!

I have always been on computers or phones but not as much till I started working, facing a computer most of my day. I had always heard of the harmful rays coming off the screen and even on phones but never thought it was enough to do something about. Turns out, there are these "blue light" rays that can cause headaches, eye strain, and lead to other issues.

I first noticed I would get headaches about lunch time. I thought I would just need to eat. When it turned out caffeine, food, and ibuprofen was not cutting it I decided to ask my friends if they experience this. Turns out, several co-workers and other friends experience the same thing. My friend from Indy was the first to tell me about these blue light glasses so I decided to order some for myself. Turns out they are cheap on Amazon so for the low price of $15 I ordered them, and received them in two days.

When my glasses came in I was astonished by how they actually work and are a legit product. I encourage everyone get a pair now because your eyes will thank you!


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