Gavin spent his weekend at EvilleCon. Here's what he thought!


This past weekend I got to spend my time at EvilleCon 2018: Year of the Dog. I always look forward to getting to spend time with other fans of anime and this year was no different. This year, I got to feel more like part of the festivities than I had in years past.

I once again got to be the judge of EvilleCon's Got Talent, alongside geek DJ extraordinaire, Zackachu.


Yes, this is how normal people dress at EvilleCon. There was so much amazing talent on display this year with acts that showcased comedy, dance, and singing. In the end, the talented Olivia Vincent took home the crown of EvilleCon's Got Talent 2018 Champion.


Cosplay was once again a huge part of EvilleCon and this year the costumes were event better than the year before. I tried to get a group photo of the winners, but they just wouldn't stand still so you have what's above. However, I was able to get a pic with the winner of the contest:


That's quite the impressive costume. Very rarely do I see anyone even attempt StarFox, let alone pull it off as flawlessly as this. They truly earned their victory.

I also got to perform stand-up this year at EvilleCon and it was one of the best performances I've ever had. The crowd was fun and really rolled with whatever was happening. What I love about EvilleCon is that everyone wants you to succeed at whatever you are doing. Whether you are telling jokes or performing in EvilleCon's Got Talent, everyone is so supportive. We could all learn something from each other on how to treat people when we aren't at cons.

Overall, I had another great year at EvilleCon and I look forward to next year!

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