It's that time of year again! 

Every year, KISS106 likes to recognize the leaders of our community. There are plenty of heroes, influencers, and do-gooders everywhere, but Evansville has some real gems.

We were originally inspired to create this list by People magazine, who releases a, annual list of the most influential people in the world. This year, we beat them to the list.

These people don't necessarily have to be politicians or public figures. All they need to meet the criteria of an influential person is have a positive impact on our community.

Here is the KISS106 list for Evansville's most influential people of 2019:

Lloyd Winnecke: Mayor of Evansville

Ron Rhodes: Meteorologist

Amy Word-Smith: Entrepreneur, owner of Lamasco Bar & Grill and Amy's on Franklin, Founder of the Franklin Street Events Association

Patt Phernetton: Sgt. for the Evansville Police Department, founder of Mickey's Kingdom

Billy Bolin: Chief of Police, organizer of 911 Gives Hope, the 911 Gives Hope holiday toy drive, Guns & Hoses, and Cops Connecting with Kids

Jason Cullum: Sgt. for the Evansville Police Department, EPD Spokesperson


Missy Mosby: City councilwoman, businesswoman, animal activist

Dave Wedding: Vanderburgh County Sheriff

Phillip Smith: Beloved officer for the Evansville Police Department

Florentine Dawn: LGBTQ+ activist, influencer, volunteer

Don Mattingly: Former MLB player, former coach of LA Dodgers and New York Yankees, current manager of Miami Marlins

Courtney Johnson: Young & Established, Inc.

Billy the Flag Man: Inspirational patriot

West Side Nut Club: Community organization

Make A Wish: Community organization

Evansville Watch: Facebook and Twitter organization, monitors police radio


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