Summertime means large crowds getting out of the house and congregating in one area. While the many annual summer festivals in the Tri-State area are intended to bring the community together, with the state of the world we live in being what it is, the Evansville Police Department is reminding festival-goers to say something if they see anything out of place.

With Shrinersfest along the Evansville riverfront, the W.C. Handy Blues Festival in Henderson, the return of hydroplane racing to Evansville during the inaugural Hydrofest Labor Day Weekend , and of course 4th of July firework celebrations across the area, thousands of residents will pack themselves into sections of the area as they look to enjoy the sights and sounds of those festivals and events. As we've unfortunately learned from a variety of examples in other cities across the country and the world over the years, those looking to do harm seek out these types of events to make their statements.

In a statement released Friday, the EPD is asking everyone attending these and other festivals to help them identify any potentially suspicious activity during the event. This could be anything from a bag left unattended, an individual acting strange, or simply anything that seems out of place.

If you see anything, the Department asks you alert the nearest officer, or call 911.


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