Have a concern about something going on in your neighborhood, or just looking to shoot the breeze with one of Evansville's finest about the weather? You can do both at the Evansville Police Department's "Coffee With a Cop" this Tuesday.

The series of laid-back, town hall-ish-type sessions were created by Chief Billy Bolin shortly after he took office as a way for the public to interact with the men and women sworn to protect them in a relaxed setting, and give them the opportunity do discuss whatever is on their mind. Whether it's the aforementioned concern about activity they've witnessed in their neighborhood, or if the Colts will make the right moves this off-season to make a serious run at the Super Bowl.

Whatever the topic, you'll have your chance to discuss it on Tuesday at Donut Bank on St. Joe Avenue in Evansville beginning at 7am.

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