All too often we hear about the bad things that happen in our community, but isn't it wonderful when you can see a social media post or headline that actually renews your faith in humanity?

It Isn't All Doom and Gloom

At times the world can seem heavy. We see headlines and news articles that trigger feelings of sadness and outrage but when the world gets heavy, we have to look for the good. We have to "look for the helpers," as Mr. Rogers once said.

The Helpers

There is a lot of negativity in the world so when we come across something uplifting and positive, we like to share it, especially when it involves our local police officers - like that time an Evansville Police Officer road a bull to raise money for charity. Or that time an Evansville Police Officer cleared the snow from a motorist's car. And let's not forget that one time an officer changed a tire for a family left stranded at the Fall Festival.

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Hanging With the Kool Kids

Most recently an Evansville Police officer was caught on video passing out ice cold Kool-aids to neighborhood children. That video was shared to Evansville Watch before ultimately being shared by EPD. [Keep scrolling to see the video] In the post shared from the Evansville Police Department's Facebook page, they say the officer did this all on his own, and remarked,

These are the kind of people our department is made up of - and we are certainly lucky when the community captures actions like this.


Not The First Time He's Been Caught

As it turns out, this is not the first time Officer Winn has been caught doing something good. In late 2021 the policeman went viral after sharing an encounter with a young, local artist that resulted in Winn purchasing several pieces of art and encouraging others to do the same. Just further proof that there is still good in the world.

Evansville Police Officers Walk the Beat, Getting to Know Their Neighbors

This year the Evansville Police Department has really stepped up its efforts to get to know the citizens they serve. Walking Wednesdays is a great way for law enforcement to be seen in neighborhoods and to meet the residents and hear their stories.




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