Evansville mom, Meghan Murphy, was tired of her kids spending what seemed to be every waking moment on the internet, so she developed a brilliant plan to make them earn the time.

Murphy, a former Fitness Instructor at Sky Zone and all-around believer in a fit and healthy lifestyle based on her Facebook page, decided to put an end to her kids sedentary, internet addicted lifestyle by giving them the screen time they so desperately craved only after they completed at least a 30 minute walk. As Meghan mentioned in a Facebook post on Monday, the idea didn't go over so well with the kiddos at first, but it didn't take long for them to get over it.

(Meghan Murphy via Facebook)
(Meghan Murphy via Facebook)

As the parent of a 12 and nearly 10-year-old who are also addicted to their mobile devices, I'd be tempted to try this method myself, but fortunately for me my son is involved in some type of sport seemingly year-round, and my daughter cheers and recently made the swim team so they manage to keep themselves pretty active.

If your kids aren't quite as active as you'd like them to be, or you find yourself staring at the phone or tablet more than you should, take a page from Meghan and use the screen time as a reward for getting active. You might just find you actually enjoy it.

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