One of the most horrific events in Evansville's is scheduled to be revisited on the ID Channel tonight! The episode entitled 'Midnight Mass' will feature interviews with Judge Robert J. Pigman of Vanderburgh Superior Court, who was the lead prosecutor on the case at the time.

As the story goes, on a cold January night back in 1980, repeat criminal Donald Ray Wallace, Jr., broke into the Gilligan home looking to steal their valuables and ended up taking the most valuable thing from them - their LIVES! All four member of the Gilligan family were killed and Wallace was captured and sentenced to death, but not before spending two years in a mental facility by faking mental incompetence!

In an interview with the Courier & Press the day before Wallace's execution, Diana Harrington, sister of Theresa Gilligan, said she hoped people would remember her family, rather than the man who killed them.

The episode airs tonight at 9pm CST on the Investigation Discovery Channel, check your local listing for the channel number!

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