Yep, the crazy has hit the Tri-State.

In the wake of the 2016 Election, there have been reports of racist and hateful messages being painted on buildings across the country. While there have been a few reported incidents in the Tri-State, one home has a giant message sprawled across it. And it's as bizarre as it is hateful.

Here is the house, located in Evansville:

Ashley Sollars

It's hard to decipher which side they are protesting. In one line, they are calling Jews the "crazy ones" (props for the backwards Z to, I don't know, emphasize the crazy?) and yet blame the GOP for "vucking out veterans." It's weird that the patrons have no problem saying things about Jews but draw the line at saying naughty words.

Also, they just had to bring in the "Protected by the First Amendment" argument. Yes, that is correct. It's strange they mentioned the Second Amendment though as this house doesn't seem to have a holster anywhere to be found.

The house also says that "Jews not served here." I'm pretty sure those of the  Jewish faith, and anyone else who doesn't want to get tetanus, is cool not going near your dirty shack.

Yes, it's fun to poke fun at things that are clearly outrageous, but the message you should take away from this is simple: We are better than this.   We shouldn't have to stand for this blatant display of hate in our community. We are better than this. Let's start showing it.

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