The day after Christmas, the parents of baby Koah learned their son has cancer. 

What started as a lump and some tummy issues ended up being devastating news for two Evansville parents. Their 2-month-old son, Koah, had cancerous tumors inside his tiny belly.

Maddie West

Koah and his parents, Lazarus and Keili, were immediately rushed to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis for surgery and treatment. After tests, doctors believe Koah is suffering from either Nueroblastoma or Germ Cell cancer. They could spend anywhere from weeks to months in Indianapolis as his health is in limbo.

Maddie West

The two also share a 3-year-old son together, who they are unable to spend much time with at the moment. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay at the hospital overnight, so Koah's older brother is currently separated from the family.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me account to help raise money for their increasing expenses. The money raised will, "be going to any bills at home while we are in the hospital, clothing as we came here with what is on our backs, gas&food expenses, laundry, hygiene, anything Koah may need that the hospital doesn't provide so we can keep him comfortable maybe even an air mattress as we are sleeping on hospital floors next to the baby the couch does not provide enough room for two mamas," according to the family's Go Fund Me page.

So far, they have raised $830 of their $10,000 goal.

Koah's mothers said they are on the waitlist for the Ronald McDonald House, which would make their stay in Indianapolis a little more comfortable. However, there are many families on the waitlist that also need help, so it's unclear how long they could wait.

Lazarus and Keili have made it clear that there is only one Go Fund Me account to donate to. If you don't want to donate through the site, the family is also taking donations via mail. The address is:
705 Riley Hospital Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Kaiighzynn Cabell
Room #E7214

As a mommy-to-be, I can't even begin to imagine what these parents are going through. Even if you're unable to donate, help spread the word by sharing this post. Every penny donated is a blessing for baby Koah and his family.

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