The face of Evansville native, and Memorial High School graduate, Chase Meneely showed up not once, but twice on my TV Sunday evening while watching Food Network. First during Guy's Grocery Games: Redemption, then later on during a new episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.

According to his Facebook page, Chase currently lives in Boulder, Colorado where he is the Executive Chef at The Up Beet Kitchen, described on their Facebook page as a business that provides "a personalized culinary community and FREE online education that teaches you the skills of top chefs right in your own home."

This wasn't Chase's first go-around on Food Network. Note the word "Redemption" in the title of Guy's Grocery Games. That means Chase had appeared on the show previously, but didn't quite make the cut. However, this time around ended in a much better result.

Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for his appearance later that night on Cutthroat Kitchen. Chase ran into some difficulty making a kale salad in the first round after being sabotaged by his competitors twice following his sabotage of them during the opening auction.

If you've never watched the show, that last line may not make a bit of sense. It will after you watch the video.

Even though it didn't work out for Chase on Cutthroat, he will be back on Food Network in a few weeks thanks to his win on Redemption, where he'll compete for a $40,000 grand prize.

Best of luck Chase! And even if things don't go your way, know that you've made those of us back home very proud of what you've accomplished.

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