Kittens and small dogs are racing for you to win!

Cat Emergency At Battersea As Fewer Prospective Owners Come Forward
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The Indianapolis 500 is happening this weekend and we want you to go! We've teamed up with Warrick Humane Society for the most adorable way to win tickets.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, we'll be hosting the Indianapolis Fur-Hundred at WHS. There will be 3 kitten races and 3 little dog races. Each qualifier will be assigned a puppy or kitten in one of the 6 races we will be holding. If your pet wins, you win two tickets to the Indianapolis 500 and two tickets to the Coors Lite Snake Pit Party!

To qualify, get entered below and be sure to tune-in to our Facebook page on Wednesday morning to watch the races!

*Must be 18 to enter and win*

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