This guy isn't so much an Indian giver as he is a Thai giver.

A man who left a $1,000 tip at a Thai restaurant returned the next day to take the money back, claiming he was drunk at the time.

The man plunked down $1,088 at Thailicious in Edgewater, Colo. Co-owner Bee Anantatho told her staff to hold onto the money, as a precaution if the man returned.

That's exactly what happened the next day when the man showed up, according to Anantatho:

He said, ‘I’m sorry, I was drunk.’ He didn’t know he put all the money he had in the checkbook.”

The man had given a few $100 bills and Anantatho thinks he may have mistaken them for singles.

To be fair, the man wound up giving the eatery a total of $100 -- $60 to cover the meal and another $40 for the tip, which is still pretty generous.

Moral of the story: don't get hammered when you've got a lot of big bills in your wallet.

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