In the movie Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Pink I think it was said "Why would I give someone EXTRA money for doing a job I'm already paying them to do?' or something close to that effect. And now that I've had a taste of the tip-dependent life, I wanna know, DO YOU TIP?

Being a part time delivery driver is harder than I though it was going to be! Having to go up flights of stairs, in and out of bad or hot weather, not to mention dealing face to face with people in their own houses! I've never been a server at a restaurant, but I do have a better appreciation for what they had to deal with whenever I showed up!

I was one of those "some-timey" tippers, that would measure the amount of tip (if any) on the quality of the service I got or how long it took to get my food delivered. I hardly EVER followed the 15% rule for tips, but now that I've walked a MILE in delivery shoes, I can understand the frustration of not receiving a tip for bringing food to your house!

Here's you chance make your opinion heard by casting your vote in the POLL below and I'll read the results during tomorrow show...


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