Since Oprah's not around to bag the exclusive interviews any more, it's only fitting that one of her protege's step into the role. The news agency Reuters reports that Dr. Phil has secured the first televised interview with Casey Anthony's parents, George and Cindy.

As everyone knows, the trial of Casey Anthony captured the attention of the nation for months all the way up to the shocking verdict that nearly every news agency in the country carried live as it happened back in July (Casey was found not guilty on charges of killing her 2-year old daughter Caylee).

Since the trial's conclusion, both Casey and her parents have been reclusive until now. Dr. Phil told Reuters that "despite living under a 'media microscope' for years, their story has never really been told and there's so much more to it than we've heard in the media." He added that, "nothing is off limits during this interview."

The interview is scheduled to air during the 10th season premiere of The Dr. Phil Show on September 12th.

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