Everyone has there own little quirks when it come to what and even HOW they eat their food. Some people like me for example like to mix all of the food together on the plate so I can taste everything at the same time. While others like The Rob I believe that like to keep their food separated at all times until they meet up in their stomachs!

Another way people differ is when it comes to putting the syrup on the pancakes. On the commercials and even on the box, they always show the syrup being added to an UNCUT stack of pancakes like the picture shown above. I've used to think that was only for dramatic effect for the sake of the ad, but lo' and behold there are those even among my own family that will pour the syrup on top of the pancakes covering only the first one and teases the rest.

I like to cut my stack BEFORE I add the syrup like a normal human so that the syrup gets into the grooves of the cuts and has a chance to soak up into each pancake top to bottom. That way even the most minimal of syrup can go a long way. I do prefer however add the butter to each pancake while its still on the griddle instead of adding the one pat of butter on the top, but that's just me!

Which school of thought do you subscribe to - Pre-Cut or Post-Cut? Leave your comments below!

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