Yesterday on the radio, both Gavin and I shared negative opinions about Beyonce's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards!  While critically applauded and overwhelmingly praised on social media, Gavin and I both independently found her performance to be long and self-indulgent.  Did KISS-FM listeners agree with us?




To me, this proves that Beyonce has hit that point-of-no-return where she can do no wrong in the eye of the general public.  Beyonce HAS ALWAYS BEEN an incredibly talented performer with a lovely singing voice...  She USED TO BE a pop hit generating machine who up until three years ago was seemingly incapable of releasing a single that I didn't love.  Beginning with the December 2013 release of her self-titled Beyonce album, she started to take herself TOO seriously as a performer, becoming more concerned with creating narrative-driven concept albums as opposed to poppy and fun catchy singles.  This performance on Sunday embodied everything that I actually DON'T like about Queen Bey.


Is the performance actually over? Or is it still happened. Her performance was waaaaaaay tooooooo looooong. The entire story leading up to the VMA's was Britney's comeback. Britney did her current song and was in and out in under 3 mins. Beyonce went through 47 costumes, 89 backup dancers, and 36 songs during her four-day performance. It was cool to see her look like Dark Phoenix from X-Men and use the power of darkness she learned from The Undertaker, but c'mon, at least make something I can dance (poorly) to. I miss the fun Beyonce. Come back. We miss you.