This customized star map will make the perfect gift for the holidays! 

While browsing the internet for Christmas gift ideas, I came across something pretty neat. There's a website called The Night Sky where you can make a personalized star map from a specific date and location.

For example: if you're wanting to celebrate an anniversary, you can find what the night sky looked like the night you were married. How cute, right?

Or maybe it's the birth of a child or the night you first met, either way, it's a cute idea for anyone.

The website uses databases to locate images of the night sky from the date and location of your choice. You can choose the background color, if you want a grid or no grid, and even have the options to add constellations.

Maddie West

Maybe I'm cheesy, but coming from someone who loves astrology/space and is a huge softie, I'd be thrilled to receive this as a gift.

The prints start at $60, with the option of adding a frame for an additional $60.

Fellas - if your girl is a hopeless romantic, you can't go wrong with this.

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