Well even though Halloween is still over a month away I thought I'd show write to you about one of the most eerie/creepy things I have come to discover. There is a forest in Japan called Aokigahara but it is known to others as Suicide Forest.

This is for a obvious reason because people go there to, you guessed it, commit suicide. Japan is one of the highest countries in the world for suicide rates because samurais use to commit Sepukku and it is seen as honorable there. There are around 100 suicides a year in that forest and is growing so much that people no longer keep count because they don't want more people to find out.

There is a main trail in this forest but it only goes back so far. Then there is a rope that cuts the trail off and says do not trespass and also has a sign that encourages people not to commit suicide. If you go beyond this point there is a chance that you will find something you may not want to see. Vice did an episode on the forest with a man that was a "suicide guard." His job was to find bodies and other stuff in the forest. He said that most suicides were from hanging and second most from sleeping pills.

This forest is believed to hold the souls of those that die there. It is eerie too because it is so thick that wind can't pass through it so it is extremely quiet and has a feeling of complete solitude. A little history back years ago during times of famine, families would lead and abandon their elderly in that forest. This is depressing I know but don't let it bring you down.

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