I don't know if I'm totally shocked by this, or if I'm surprised it took THIS long for it to happen!


If you're not familiar with Words With Friends, it is an insanely popular smartphone/tablet app that has asynchronous gameplay (meaning you and your opponent do not need to be playing at the same time) and resembles Scrabble in nature.  It is reported by redeyechicago.com to also be the fifth most-popular app of all-time.


Aside from its triple word scores and double letter scores, Words With Friends also features an optional chat message box and the ability to be me matched with opponents at random, which was how Jasper Jasperse and Megan Lawless met.


The couple met in 2009 after taking their Words With Friends relationship to both Facebook and Skype, and late in 2011, their Words With Friends board spelled "M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E."

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