Leslie Shares Hilarious ‘Q in Quarantine’ Pics Of Husband
I figured if watching him everyday made me feel better, it might make you feel better too. Some friends swooned over the the series of episodes, others got a good chuckle out of them, but everyone enjoyed them. Well, except HIM. Now, you can binge watch the entire Season 1 of Q In Quarantine, right here.
My Big Fat Courthouse Wedding
When I was younger and way before my “big girl life” took over, I used to spend countless hours looking at pictures of wedding gowns and planning my dream wedding. I had it all picked out: an October wedding, I would wear a lace dress, carry sunflowers down the aisle, have a guitar playing as I floated down the aisle locking arms with both of my parents.
Wedding Bells Ringing?
John Mayer and Katy Perry are back together in a big way. It's not only good for their careers (they keep gushing about one another to the press to promote their new albums 'Paradise Valley' and 'Prism'), but also for their hearts. Turns out, Mayer is even considering taking the next step with Perry. What's that step?

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