Are you a comic lover? Are there old comics you've wanted to read but they are so expensive and rare that you may never get the chance? Well guess what, there is a website where you can read any comic you can think of. It is called

It is the largest database of comics on the internet. You can search which superhero you want and they have every issue of every series for that possible superhero. They tell you which series are complete and if they aren't complete they tell which issue the series is on. They also update pretty regularly. They also tell you which series are popular by putting "Hot," next to it. It also tell you the time frame of the series by year. The year it started to the year it ended if it has ended.

I have been reading the original Batman series from the 1940s. They have special series comic books or just the year the series started. An example would be Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman (1940) or Batman (2011). I have started some series such as the first Amazing Spiderman series and the 60s Daredevil. The best part is that it is 100% free to access and read these comics.

It doesn't stop there, the same people that made this website have kissmanga for all the mangas you want to read. They also have one for anime and cartoons called kissanime and kisscartoons. You can easily access any of these websites from one page.

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