I had a pretty nostalgic moment last week when I was getting my two-week fill-in on my nails. 

Usually my nails look like I've just crawled out of a grave, but I've kept up with them since getting them done for my sister's wedding a month or so ago. Typically I go with dark colors, but this time around I decided to switch it up and get a fun color.

I noticed a really pretty emerald on one of the thousands of color swatches the salon had and decided that it was fancy enough for me. I realized the swatch said "mood", but I didn't really pay that much attention to what it meant. Sure, it looked like the color a mood ring would be, but I just liked it because it was pretty.

So I'm sitting there and he's finally applying the (gel) polish to my nails. Anyone who's gotten gel knows you have to set it a couple times and then at the end, they use remover over the top. The first time it happened I was like - WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING - but nail polish remover doesn't take off the gel coat. Neat.

Anyway, as he's rubbing the remover over my nails, I notice they're blue. Like super blue. And sparkly. I wasn't against blue, I just wanted the emerald. Then the guy says to me, "mood color." And I'm like, "Yeah, that's what the swatch said." I started thinking maybe he grabbed the wrong bottle. Then I looked at my other hand and they were GREEN.



Turns out, mood color means CHANGING color. I was so surprised and excited that I yelled across the salon to my aunt and said, "THEY CHANGE COLORS."

She replied, "Uh...yeah. What did you think mood meant?"

So, maybe I'm late to the trend...but I'm still in love with this set. When the nails are hot or in sunlight, they're blue, and when they're cold - like I literally always am - they're green. This took me back to my childhood when I had every mood ring you could think of jammed onto my fingers at once.

I got my set at Lovely Nails on the west side of Evansville next to Schnucks. They had several different "mood colors" to choose from, so I'll be going back shortly. I think next time I'm going to go with the pink/purple.

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