The clerk at the Sheridan Mini Mart in East Bremerton, Washington probably isn't the world's greatest employee. In fact, when a woman came into the store at 10 PM Thursday night the slacker-in-question wouldn't stop talking on his phone as she tried to grab his attention. His conversation was so engrossing that he didn't even care that she had a gun.

When she pointed the weapon at him and asked that he empty the register he responded that he was busy and rudely waved her away. Shocked, the would-be thief simply left. Of all the scenarios she played in her head before her attempted crime we can't imagine any involved the clerk ignoring her because he was talking on the phone.

The clerk later explained that he thought the gun-wielding woman was joking about the robbery, and that's why he reacted so nonchalantly.

Police are searching for the woman.

The "don't bother me I'm on the phone" robbery prevention technique may have worked this time, but since most criminals will display a bit more sticktoitness it probably isn't a good idea for those of you reading it, so don't get any crazy ideas.

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