Oh, how I do love when idiots get what's coming to them.

A low-life punk in Lenexa, Kansas decided that he was going to walk into a local convenience store and take a few things by pulling a knife on the clerk. What he didn't know is that the clerk, Aaron Jacobs, was not only a former U.S. Marine, but a former U.S. Marine Combat Trainer. The guy who teaches other marines how to kick some serious behind.

As you'll see in the video below from an NBC affiliate in Kansas, Jacobs wasted no time in relying on his skills to keep himself and others from getting injured. Too bad you can't see the look on the thugs face as he getting tossed around. I'll assume it was priceless.

I always like to think that if I were in a situation like this, I would stand up to the attacker, but truth be told, I'd probably throw my wallet at him, tell him not to hurt me, then cry and wet myself.

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