There are a lot of low life people in this world. The two girls in this video are definitely on that list!

So they stole an envelope from a Girl Scout selling cookies with her mom outside of a grocery store. They made sure that the mom wasn't looking, and they swiped the envelope & took off. The two girls split the cash because you know they "wanted that money."

Not only did they steal the money, but they aren't even remorseful! "I don't feel sadness for that little girl." To top it all off, these two nit-wits are angry because they had to give the money back & they have had charges pressed against them. The one girl even says she thinks they could have at least let them keep the money if they're being charge. REALLY?!?

I can tell you that if it was my daughter caught stealing like this, the criminal charges would be the least of her concerns! Of course, I'm pretty confident that I have raised my daughter to know better. Take a look at the video, and try not to reach through the computer to smack them.

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