Ever since games like Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Brothers, and even board games like CLUE have found success at the Box Office, movie producers have been obsessed with making movies movie based on games!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has actually been in THREE movies based on games of some kind - DOOM, JUMANJI, and now his most recent movie, RAMPAGE, which is based on a old school video game where monster compete to see who could destroy city buildings the fastest.

The Movie Pixel actually featured characters from multiple games, like PAC MAN, Donkey KONG, and Q-Bert, that somehow came to life and start destroying the city. 'Ready PLAYER One' is a soon-to-be-released movie based Virtual Reality where video gamers unite to save to real world from a digital villian.

Me personally, I would LOVE to see a live-action 'GOD of WAR' movie. GoW is about an ancient Spartan warrior named Kratos who finds out he's been tricked into killing his own family a part of a plan by the God of War Ares to turn him into the perfect weapon and overthrown Zeus. I've always been a fan of Greek Mythology AND video games, and GoW is one of my all-time favorite game series.

If you could pick a game to create a movie around, what would it be? Leave you comments in the box below and I'll read them on the next show!

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