Angel and I were so excited this morning.  We made plans to go for a bike ride after our show today.  We typically try to work out together a few times a week, but this week has been really busy for both of us.  Today looked like the perfect day to steal away for an hour and get some exercise in.  Well, the fun lasted about half a second and our planned hour-long bike ride turned into a brutal comedy of errors and mechanical malfunctions.

Before I share photos of the today's ill-fated adventure, I would like to make my case to the jury.  If Angel had listened to me and just ridden with me to the Greenbelt, today's outing would have been incident-free- a pleasant ride removed from traffic and Owensboro's versions of the Swiss Alps.  But no!  We had to take an immediate detour because "there was a yard sale on Hill Avenue."  For the record, Angel had ZERO money on her and nowhere to store anything should would potentially buy.  As we rode down her street she yelled, "DO YOU HAVE ANY MONEY ON YOU????"  I said, "No.  But I can Venmo them some money from phone if I need to."  Clearly, I was joking.  But, moments later, we rode up into our friend Aleah's yard so Angel could rummage through her stuff

We tleft the yard sale, then embarked on what would be a true test of our will, patience and friendship.

Chad & Angel's Bike Ride from @$%#

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