What's better than Donut Bank donuts? Donut Bank BEER. No, this is not a joke.

Carson's Brewery in Evansville has combined two of the city's favorite things - donuts and beer. But, not just any donuts, they're Donut Bank donuts - and yes, there's a difference. A big one.

When we heard about this, we absolutely had to try it. So, we headed down to Carson's, which sits off Lynch Rd. When we walked in, Operations Director Jill Raber, greeted us with a friendly smile. Her face fell when we mentioned Donut Bank beer. She was sad to inform us that they had already sold out of the super popular brew. Turns out, the Donut Bank beer tap was dry within a day or two.

Little to our knowledge, the process of brewing a beer takes some time, especially a specialty beer made from actual donuts. But, there's still hope, because Jill let us know that it could be making a comeback very, very soon. We got ALL the details!

Jill also let us in on another little secret tip: grab some donuts before you try it! She said people started dunking their donuts in the brew as they sipped, and while she was hesitant at first, she called it life changing. LIFE! CHANGING!

My mouth is watering at the thought. Jill said we are first on her list to tell when the Donut Bank beer is back! So, keep an eye out.

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