Short answer? Yes and no.

Can a Midwestern Mom Relate to 'AND JUST LIKE THAT' Characters?

Like so many women, I was a fan of Sex and the City. I was their DEMO. Unattached Midwestern woman who looked forward to living vicariously through four posh women who lived and loved in NYC. I consumed the movies and was a bit heartbroken for Carrie when Big left her at the altar. And like all my other now middle-aged women compatriots, I looked forward to the new spinoff And Just Like That. But after consuming eight episodes I have some thoughts.

And listen, it's not lost on me that the WHOLE point of the show was to introduce me to a world that was dramatically different than anything I had experienced. But the cast had to be relatable. They WERE relatable. We all knew someone like Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie. We related ourselves to one (or a mixture of the characters). But it seems the magic is gone. The place seems cold and uncaring and the characters are caricatures of the people in our lives we love to hate.

And listen, maybe you DO identify and can relate to some of the things I find a bit outlandish. I'm not "throwing shade" as the kids say. I'm just saying that I can't relate to these things. So without further adieu, here's what (in my opinion) they got right and what they got oh so wrong.

**Warning Spoilers Ahead**

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