This morning I made the mistake of asking people to share their weird food combinations with me. 

It all started when I came across a story about a girl who went viral after a video showed her dunking her chicken tenders in her Coke.

As you can imagine, the internet lost its mind after seeing the video. As I tried choking back vomit, I made the awful mistake of asking people to call in with their weird food combos.

I'll never do that again.

Here's a few things I came across:

1. Mustard on popcorn

2. Fries in chocolate shake

3. Ramen Noodles (with flavoring)...peanut butter...and hot sauce

4. Hot dog with peanut butter and ketchup

5. Hot sauce in beer

6. Macaroni and cheese, tuna, and hot sauce

7. Scrambled eggs and ranch

8. Onions...AND HOT FUDGE

Things got progressively worse.