So, every time I've heard the "Cake by the Ocean" song by DNCE, I always assumed it meant gettin' frisky by the ocean. This morning on The Rob's Radio show with yours truly, I learned that I was wrong...again.


I seem to misinterpret songs on the reg, but this time I was a little bewildered. Turns out, cake by the ocean just means sex. I interpreted it as sex by the ocean. So I was chiming in on how I had never "eaten cake" (got it on) by the ocean, to which Rob quickly shot me down. I guess he's figured out by now that I am no saint.

Key in boyfriend who was quick to text me something along the lines of, "OMG YES WE HAVE" (Sorry, dude). I wracked my brain and still couldn't remember. I needed clarification on when exactly this happened. We've visited the beach plenty of times over the course of our 4-year-long relationship, so it may have slipped my mind. He brought up ocean-front hotels we've stayed in, but I'm not so sure that counts, does it? Does that mean I've eaten cake by the ocean by the ocean, or not?

Turns out this song is just simply stating that this guy can't wait to wrestle under the sheets with said person. Anyway, the act of actually eating cake by the ocean by the ocean hasn't happened for my boyfriend and I, we concluded...because I don't think hotels count. In our defense, my boyfriend claims eating cake by the ocean by the ocean is a good way to end up a sex offender. Touche.

Nonetheless, I'm still considered intelligent for walking around my house in the nude, which Rob said he foregoes. But I think I'll keep my nude appearances to my homestead. It's less sandy there.

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