All you '90s kids, brace yourself. Burger King has brought the "Cini Minis" back to their menu for a whopping $1.49. As a child, my mom would drive my sister and I to BK on the way to school once a week. The Cini Minis were my go-to order! I couldn't get enough. I remember all of the sudden when they were GONE. Literally taken off the menu and I cried.

While this comeback is only offered for a limited time, I am sure going to get my share of Cini Minis! These sweet treats are baked fresh daily and that delicious icing is the bees knees. According to Popsugar, if you order through Grubhub, you can get a free order of Cini Minis if you spend more $10 before tax/tip at BK!


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