Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes may be more desirable...what?!

Blond VS Brunette (Melissa Awesome/106.1 KISS FM(
Blond VS Brunette (Melissa Awesome/106.1 KISS FM(

I have never really thought much about the whole blondes vs brunette battle royal, but I thought this was pretty interesting.  I have always been brunette (in some variation or another, because I color my hair quite a bit haha) but I never really thought I had any less fun then my blonde friends.  Well recently there was a study that was done, and the findings are pretty interesting.

According to an article from The Telegraph, a study was recently conducted and through the findings of the study women with dark hair are seen as more "sensible" and "deeper".

They surveyed 1,000 men and of those 1,000 men 54% would choose a brunette to be their wife, 16% are fans of blondes, and 30% don't have a preference.  When it comes to getting a girlfriend, 48% chose girls with brown hair, one in four chose a blonde and 27% said neither.

After all is said and done, just remember they only surveyed 1,000 men.  That doesn't even put a dent in the population, but still I found the answers pretty interesting.  Personally I feel like the whole "blonde vs brunette" battle is slowly going away, because now sometimes people don't just have one hair color.  Like for instance one time I had black hair with blonde streaks underneath, so I had the best of both worlds haha. And what about red heads?!  So many unanswered questions!


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