The Broadway Players of Princeton are back at it with another great show!

Broadway Players
Broadway Players

This Friday, the Broadway Players are excited to open the show Frank's Life. The show is a dark comedy that is similar to the film The Truman Show, although this show came first. Here is the official synopsis:

Frank has been living a lie his whole life, and has had no clue that his family and friends are all just actors hired to play his family and friends. When the industry and audience start to lose interest in Frank, pieces (and people) from his show start to disappear due to budget cuts. Frank's life starts to unravel before his very eyes. Toss in some disgruntled actors wanting to quit because of pay cuts, a sister who might just blow the lid on the whole thing too soon, and a producer at the end of his rope trying to keep it all together and you get a twisted, funny, and insightful piece of theatre.


The show opens this Friday, June 22nd and runs June 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th, and July 1st. All Friday and Saturday performances are at 7pm, with Sunday matinees at 2pm.

This show is rated 'R' due to language and brief stage violence. If you have any questions about the show contact the box office at the Princeton Theatre at 812-635-9185.

I had a chance to talk to the director of the show, Kara Gray, and ask her about the show. You can listen to that below and get more details about the show here.

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