April 6, 2018 is opening night!

Broadway Players

This weekend, the Broadway Players of Princeton are proud to present Kiss the Bride, a fun comedy about marriage and murder. I've been fortunate enough to be an extra in this show and it's a really fun show. Here's the synopsis:

Having hired a couple of bumbling bad guys to do the job, the groom mistakes an introverted wedding guest for the hired killer, sending him upstairs with his wife. Soon after, the hit man (and wife) arrive, having kidnapped an unsuspecting bride at the wrong reception.

The kidnapped bride soon escapes from the trunk of their car and, with the help of crazed couples and uninvited guests, she sends the newlyweds fleeing and the audience rolling down the aisle with laughter!

The show runs this weekend and next. All the info for this weekend can be found by clicking the poster below!