And by "classy" I really mean not classy at all. In fact it's kind of trashy.  You won't believe this until you see it!

Breaking it down in the middle of the aisle (YouTube)

I have never been married, so I've never had to do the tedious work that I'm sure comes with picking out a song to walk down the aisle to, and a song for the first dance because those are special memories that you want to be absolutely perfect. One bride recently thought it would be fun to change the game up a little bit and do a song that is rather unusual for the march to her groom.  I can say however I don't think this song would ever in a million years cross my mind.

This video was posted 4 days ago and already has almost 900 thousand views on youtube it's of a bride walking down the aisle to Buckcherry's 'Crazy B----'  You know the super classy song about how this girl is crazy but she is rather good in the bedroom so he will overlook her crazy?  Yep, that song.The song is so raunchy you see a guy in the front grab his sons head and cover his ears, the look on the fathers face is priceless.

This guy right here is like "Is this really happening?"


I can only imagine at this point he is saying "son don't ever bring home a girl like this."


So here it is, the trashiest wedding march you've probably ever seen

(Also totally NSFW)