Grandmothers are one of the most amazing things God ever invented. I’m not saying that because I’m a grandma either, it’s because I was blessed with a grandmother that helped show me how much it means to have that title.

Spending time with my grandmother was so much fun. She focused on ME. I loved her stories, going with her to the beauty shop, playing cards at the kitchen table, riding bikes, watching her cook and taking mental notes while she gave Grandpa the business with a hidden wink in my direction. The times I spent with her were empowering to my self confidence and magical to my spirit.

Watching my mom being an amazing grandmother to my own children taught me a lot too. Mainly the fact that no matter how much distance is between a grandmother and her grandchildren the love is always there. Most of my mom’s grandchildren lived far away from her, but that didn’t matter, they loved her more than anything. The bond she had with them was strong. Now that my granddaughter has moved away, I have to use the lessons I learned from my mom to keep our relationship special.


Since my granddaughter Norah June, was born, I realize how a grandmother feels about her grandchildren. It’s an incredible kind of love that I’ve never felt before. I can’t wait to have even more to love.

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My daughter sent me a link to a Facebook page that shared an incredibly sweet photoshoot between a granddaughter, who was getting married soon, and her grandmother, who wasn’t doing very well and most likely wouldn’t make it until the wedding.

It reminded me of photos my sister took of my daughter and my mom, a month before my mom passed away. My daughter was pregnant and my mom knew she wasn’t going to live until the birth of her first great grandchild.

Deana Conner
Deana Conner
Deana Conner

The photographer of the bridal gown photoshoot, Taylor Dail, posted this on her photography business page.

Now that Bethany has posted it, I'm finally sharing the best session of 2020. Bethany called me and asked me if I would be up for some unique bridal photos. I said you know I'm always up for it! I was NOT going to miss this moment. One of the MOST IMPORTANT moments in her life. She wanted her grandma to see her in her dress. Her grandma wasn't doing so well. Yall, this first look was everything. There was not a dry eye in the room. "Honey" was such a special lady. Through the years of doing Bethanys family photos Honey had taken a sweet spot in my heart. You could not help but smile when you saw her face, she was FULL of LOVE and character that makes her so unique. No one could compare to her!
Saturday she had the best seat at the wedding. We all wished she was there in person, but she was much closer than she could have ever been.

Here are the toughing moments she captured.

Bride Gives Dying Grandmother Preview Of Her Future Wedding Gown In Touching Photoshoot

See more of Taylor’s wonderful photography, HERE.

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